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Our Background

Grown from a family of builders and a passion for music Ascot London has been aiding the restoration and acoustic development of buildings since 2006.

Initially the company started as a team of plasters focusing on the restoration of period properties. Experience and demand found that contemporary construction techniques and poor building standards increased the demand for noise control.

Managing minor restoration and renovation projects meant the team could implement company development slowly without the need for unnecessary subcontracting of consultation and labour. This allowed higher standard of work, greater experience within the team as well as less labour intensive and more affordable projects for the consumer involving less subcontracting. 

This business model has found projects are more streamlined, affordable and bespoke. 

Our portfolio consists of housing redevelopment and extensions to recording studio acoustic treatment and re-design to the control of commercial acoustic design of various London retail outlets. Educational facilities have been a company passion and we have aided the development of private and voluntary institutions. 

Our Central London location provides a hub to serve the busiest and demanding parts of the capital efficiently - reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.