Commercial and Domestic Flooring

With the ability to adhere to budgets and time constraints, Ascot Londons' Flooring Contractors is a preferred provider of  flooring throughout London and the South East.  Our experienced and accredited team can recommend, supply and install a range of flooring options suitable for both commercial and industrial projects.

We cover all aspects of commercial and domestic flooring from the planning and discussion stage through to completion.
All works are carried out to your specification and your convenience. Ascot London has been proudly working with building contractors on large and small scale projects for many years.
We are happy to tender to any projects. Our experienced and skilled team has delivered exceptional workmanship and effective flooring solutions to maintenance companies, housing associations, office buildings, warehouses, factories, retail outlets, shopping centres and more.

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What Material - Where?

Suitable materials based on foot traffic
We find that carpet is the most popular type of flooring for communal areas, but that’s probably because people tend to replace what’s already laid down.
It’s good to be aware that although carpet is probably the cheapest option it also has the shortest lifespan and is the least flexible. You’ll notice this especially with communal areas because even those with low use will tend to have higher foot traffic than rooms and offices, where people spend most of their time sitting down.
Light traffic
If your communal areas have light traffic you can choose from a wide range of materials. Again, carpet will be the cheapest, but other great choices are luxury vinyl tile, or carpet tiles if you are concerned about cleaning.
Our most popular communal carpet range is Towcester. However, if you’re looking at carpet and your communal area has light traffic it’s safe to increase your budget and go for a more expensive range.
Typical light traffic communal areas may include office reception areas or small blocks of flats.
Medium traffic
Where communal areas have medium traffic we would be a little more cautious to recommend expensive carpets.
If you have the budget and your heart is set then go for it! But if you’re a little more price and value conscious we’d recommend you go for a hard floor which can take a lot more wear before showing any signs of age. These days we happily recommend luxury vinyl flooring to our customers because it has a lot of advantages over carpets, which you’ll see more in higher traffic areas.
Typical medium traffic communal areas may include office a busy office reception or a large block of flats.
Heavy traffic
Communal areas with heavy traffic can get expensive to maintain. Unless you feel like replacing your carpet in a couple of years we would recommend going for a hard floor for high-traffic areas. Or if you’re really set on carpet then we’d recommend tiles rather than rolled carpet. Carpet tiles have become much more popular in the last 10 years because they’re easily replaced if stained or damaged; something which is more likely to happen in a communal area.
Typical heavy traffic communal areas may include office corridors or small blocks of flats. Another example is schools, which will have very high foot traffic. For schools we would recommend hard flooring where possible, especially in corridors. However, carpets are still popular in classrooms where there is lighter foot traffic.